Giselle born in 2002 is a 16.1 H Hanoverian mare. She has a history in para-dressage and working as a hunter. Giselle loves eating cookies and being the prettiest girl in the barn. She is available for lease. Nicole Walker and her daughter sponsor Giselle. At present, she is in the care of Trisha Hamilton and is doing Level 4 dressage tests. 



Darby born in 2001 is 14.1H gelding, imported from Connemara, Ireland. He is a super sweet, willing, and fun little horse who does everything. He was ridden in the 2012 Tournament of Roses parade, participated in a Buck Brannaman clinic, Darby is good with kids, and loves the trails. He can jump, do dressage and loves trail rides. He is a favorite among riders because of his calmness, his willingness to please and his gentle spirit. Darby is also a great jumper. Darby has a lifetime membership with USHJA/USEF.


Algot, born in 1994 is a 16.2H registered Swedish Warmblood. He is a fun, flashy horse, an advanced rider can have fun on him but he is also very gentle with the beginners. He is super sweet and loves attention! Algot has previously competed in 3rd and 4th level dressage, but prefers being a hunter and is an excellent trail horse. Algot has lifetime membership with USHJA/USEF and USDF, and used to train and go to shows with the USC equestrian team. Now he spends his day with our special riders and enjoying his leisure life.



Gidget born 2008


Monty born 2011



In May 2018, we found Onyx for sale on Craigslist and went to see her on a whim. We were shown Kona, a little black mare, and we instantly knew we had to take her. The team went back that very afternoon and brought her back to Special Spirit.  After a couple of month with TLC, she was fully incorporated into our therapy program. She is the go-to pony for all our little riders. She also works with Danny's Farm on some of their outings.



Utah born 2007



Apache born 2002



Cherokee born 2003



London born in 1995 is a 14 hand bay gelding. London has experience in the show ring as a jumping pony, but today prefers helping riders reach their goals at Special Spirit and getting lots of attention!



Pixie born 2014


Jasper aka "Mini-Moon

Mini-Moon aka "Jasper" born 2003 is a miniature horse donated by Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson. Mini Moon favorite friend was Moon, who has now passed on; and the two were simply inseparable.  Mini-Moon is gentle, patient and very clever.


Domestic Animals

Glitter – T-Rex – Blue – Jojo – Valentine – Charlette – Rosie - Sonny – Isabella – Mama Pig – Hartley – Bunny – Bunny - 3 chicks - Red Stewart - Abby - Theo - Emma




Pumpkin is a 15.1H quarter horse gelding. Pumpkin is a former "pony-horse" from the racetrack. Pumpkin is now retired from the therapy program. He has been used in our therapeutic riding program and as a lesson horse for beginning and intermediate riders. He was ridden in the 2011 Montrose Christmas Parade when his Special Spirit student and rider Gavin served as Junior Grand Marshal! Pumpkin is now spending his day with Juliet just enjoying retired life.

Clyde aka Pendleton Sly Fox

Clyde a 20+ year old 14.1 hand Welsh pony. Clyde spent his early days on the show circuit and came to Special Spirit in 2014, Clyde helped our students build confidence on the ground and in the saddle. Some of our volunteers also learned to jump. Clyde was reunited with his original owners in 2018, and is now retired up in Northern California, enjoying a life in well deserved leisure.  

Clyde1 .jpg


Murphy is a Welsh Cob/Quarter Horse gelding. His owner Sammy and her mom Anne have had him since Sammy was very young, and generously let Special Spirit use him in lessons since they first began. He was a jack of all trades the entire time he worked at the barn, being able to adapt to more advanced riding students or take it easy for younger riders. He never seemed to enjoy anything more than eating though, as he would munch on everything from hay to horse treats! Now reunited with his original owner in Canada. 





In May 2018, we found a pony for sale on Craigslist and went to see him on a whim. When we arrived we were shown Kona, a little brown gelding, we instantly knew we had to take him. The team went back that very afternoon and brought him back to Special Spirit.  After a couple of month with TLC Kona was fully incorporated into our therapy program, he became the best riding partner for little Abi. Unfortunately in September 2019 he became very ill and decided to leave for the Rainbow Bridge. ♥️!



Lucy ran across the Rainbow Bridge in August 2019. Lucy was a 24-year-old Dutch Warm Blood who was donated to Special Spirit after she retired from the show jumping circle. Lucy was a great trail horse, a smart vaulting horse and a fun therapeutic horse. She was a one of a kind mare, lovely, sassy and kind.

Lucy had a BIG HEART ♥️!



Calleo an 18H Hanoverian gelding, a gentle giant. He was imported from a German show barn, and had been a vaulting horse for many years. He became a teacher of beginning riders and helping intermediate riders to perfect their skills. Calleo was simple to ride and bombproof. During the last year of his life he was taught to play soccer with his buddy Kwei. Calleo left us in 2018 at the age of 24. Thank you for your service old man you will be missed. ♥️!

Diamond Jiggers Bar

Diamond aka "Jiggy Momma" was the Momma of all Mommas! Just look at that beautiful face, never mind the grey hair, she's was not old - she was mature, thank you very much! Diamond Jiggers Bar was 37 years old when she decided to leave us. She was the "go to" horse and taught many of our young riders to ride. She got her nick name "Jiggy Momma", because of her "jiggy" trot. She went into retirement but in 2014 and was  living a sweet relaxing life for the last 4 years. She was a flirty mare until the end. Thank you Jiggy for being such a lovely horse. ♥️!


Moon was around 26-years-old, 16 H paint quarter horse donated by Nancy and her 15-year-old austistic son Wyatt who still comes and rides Special Spirit horses regularly. Moon was a great trail and therapy horse who enjoyed hanging out with his buddy Mini-Moon. He was a very sweet and friendly horse who always enjoyed a cuddle or two. He passed in 2017. We will forever remember him in our hearts. ♥️!


Kidlet, our gentle senior at Special Spirit: the Horse Father, if you will. He was 34 years old when he passed away in the summer of 2012. He was an Arabian gelding, known for his love of bananas - even the peel would do! He was always calm, safe and quiet, and enjoyed being a therapeutic horse. Because of his smooth, long fur, some people claim a bunny in disguise! Thank you Kidlet for all the love you gave to us! ♥️!


Reggie was a Thoroughbred gelding who had previously been a racehorse and had lived a hard life for many years until his owner Sara found him. He then spent a few years as a riding and trail horse before he moved to become a Special Spirit therapy horse- a job which he loved doing. Reggie was always grateful to receive brushings and cuddles, especially when his favorite treat was involved, bananas with the peel! He loved spending easy days at the barn walking around with his favorite student Andy and close friend Debbie from Special Spirit. He never fully lost his fire though, and was known for his love to gallop around the big arena when he didn't have lessons. He will always be remembered as the old horse with a young soul. ♥️!

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