Calendar - 2021

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$20 - Suggested donation of Calendar-2021

Proceeds will benefit Special Spirit , Danny’s Farm, Foxfield Drill Team and Love Evan.

Embracing Change in Covid times

2020 has become the year of major changes for us all. Covid-19 has really made a profound impact on our lives. 

But to quote the very wise Winnie the Pooh: “Could be worse. Not sure how, but it could be!”

So with a bit of imagination we plodded on. These are hard times for all non-profits; we need to tap into new ways of being creative to find funds, to keep our horses and farm animals in good health.  With the help of our supportive friend, Rachel Freitas, we received a surprise donation from Macy’s of about 300 prom dresses. What would an equine center do with prom dresses you may ask? Many did, but then we came up with an idea of making a calendar with all girls in prom dresses taking care of the animals and hanging around the barn. Many thought us crazy, but in these crazy times, why not? Each girl participating got to keep their dress, and the remaining dresses are donated to programs helping foster youth, challenged individuals etc. The calendar, which is designed by the talented Noah Schneider and photographed by Ashley Fisher, will be ready for purchase in mid-November. Look for it on and

Proceeds will benefit all our partners Special Spirit , Danny’s Farm, Foxfield Drill Team and Love Evan.

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