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Welcome Kona and Onyx!

Kona left and Onyx right

Welcome Kona and Onyx

We would like to celebrate the arrival of our newest team members, Kona and Onyx. 

The last week of May we found a pony for sale on Craigslist and went to see him on a whim. When we arrived we were shown Kona, the little brown gelding, and Onyx, the little black mare, and we instantly knew we had to take them. The team went back that very afternoon and brought them back to their new home at Special Spirit. 

Every day that they have been here since we have seen them changing for the better. Our farrier came and trimmed their feet and we had our vet out to check them all over. The vet believes that Kona is around 10 years old and Onyx may be around 15. Both of them are standing at around 11 hands high.

 We look forward to giving these ponies all the love and care they deserve. These next few weeks for them will be spent gaining weight and building trust. They are discovering what carrots and apples are, and they both seem to like them a lot. Already they will come to greet clients and staff at the front of their stall, hoping to get a pet or a nuzzle. 

In time we know that these wonderful small souls will be great members of the Special Spirit Team. We hope to be using them in lessons for our young and small clients by the end of this summer. 

If you would like to donate towards the care and rehabilitation of Kona and Onyx, please click here. (Insert hot button for donate here) All donations are greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more updates on this lucky pair of ponies. 

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