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  • Eva Lund

Pony Progress!

It has been a wonderful summer here at Special Spirit. Lots of riding, lots of fun, and lots of progress with our beautiful rescue ponies. Kona and Onyx have come so far in such a short amount of time. Shortly after arrival we had both of them checked out by our veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Ostrom-Sachar, who enjoyed her time with them a lot. She did a full dental work up on both of them and gave us medicine and a guide plan to help Onyx with her skin condition. Our farrier, Pat Phillips, trimmed their feet and is helping to get them in tip top shape.

Special Spirit received a generous grant from The Equus Foundation that has allowed us to continue to provide top level care for the ponies who require special medicated shampoo and a lot of M-T-G. We can barely recognize these two little ponies as the same ones that we rescued at the end of May. Over the summer they were handled by staff, volunteers, and participants and their personalities began to emerge. Onyx is a sassy and proud little mare who loves getting scratches and being loved on. Kona is the more timid of the two, but once you start grooming him he becomes so relaxed that he will fall asleep.

After conditioning their bodies all summer, we decided that in September we would begin using them in lessons. They both really enjoy their work in the Special Spirit riding program. Many of our smaller riders really enjoy riding the ponies, the movement is different than that of a larger horse. Grooming a pony that is more their size is also very fun for the smaller riders. We at Special Spirit are so incredibly happy that we have been able to give these two ponies the love and attention that they deserve and we look forward to working with them more in our riding program and beyond.

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