"All of the positive reinforcement Avery has received from even her small achievements in riding has boosted her confidence.  We also love the wonderful volunteers who help and encourage Avery.  Special Spirit at Moonshadow Ranch is more than a place of learning, it is a place of mentorship!"

- Avery's Mom



Jenny Ginway Mistrano


Scholarship Fund

Jenny was at the heart of Special Spirit Therapeutic Riding Program from August 2011 until her departure in October 2014.  Jenny was a dedicated instructor and life changing mentor to the many children with special needs who came through our program.  Jenny was well known to consistently instruct from the heart with the perfect mix of kind words and firm directives to keep the riders focused and present during their riding lessons. She taught her riders how to keep safe and her mentorship instilled the ability to rise above challenges and persevere even when life is difficult. Jenny consistently taught this lesson through words, and also through example while battling stage IV breast cancer. Even on days when she was not feeling well, she was there with a smile to encourage and support her riders to be their personal best. Jenny is an inspiration and we were all blessed to get to know her.
This scholarship fund has been established in her honor as we remember her and continue a work that was very important to Jenny.

Found Inspired by their eldest son, Aidan, who has cerebral palsy, Kevin and Nancy Leung founded Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation. Notwithstanding their son's multiple disabilities, Kevin and Nancy Leung constantly seek programs and activities that add interest and enrichment to Aidan's life. With an inclusive and adaptive mentality, Kevin and Nancy have enabled their son to go skiing in Lake Tahoe, go horseback riding, go ziplining in Costa Rica, attend Summer Camp and participate in numerous educational and therapeutic programs. These activities and programs would not have been possible if it were not for the noble organizations that conduct these life-enriching activities and programs for children with disabilities. Through the years, Kevin and Nancy have found these organizations to do valuable, under-appreciated work. In these lean economic times, many of these worthy organizations have found it more challenging to continue to operate. Thus, the idea for Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation was born.
Early on, while navigating through the web of government support programs for Aidan, Nancy realized the challenging and strict criteria to receive governmental financial assistance. Nancy encountered many needy families getting denied assistance. Moreover, with the recent economic downturn and cutbacks in public support programs, families really in-need were left with no place to turn. Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation hopes to help these families fill the gap so that their children's lives can be enriched.
Thanks to Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation, Special Spirit received a generous scholarship amount and will be using those funds to provide Therapeutic Riding Lessons to children with cerebral palsy free of charge.
Special Spirit is much appreciative to Aidan's Red Envelope and very excited to be able to provide quality service to those with the greatest need and the least financial ability.
Click here for more information on Aidan's Red Envelope Foundation.